I am a Software developer by the day, otaku by night. I write code for living from the web-app, mobile-app, desktop application, API web services to you name it, I have done it. By night, I am chilling off catching up with my beloved anime. Repeat.

A techie and builder at heart. I love playing and exploring with cool gadgets. Better yet, able to be hands-on. I am an E&E graduate under the belt, dealing with the hardware (electronic) is not an issue as well.

As for my past time, I watch youtube, anime, play guitar, bake, or read books for relaxation and some timeout working with code.

Used to talk about entrepreneur journey of building a software startup to help business owners specializing in managing inventory. That didn’t work out.

After that, I am back to full-time employment as a Software Development Manager and Product Manager at a small SME firm specializing in GIS and Location Base solutions. This includes digital mapping, logistics, map intelligence, survey, cadastral and etc.

Now, I am currently serving as the people servant and leading a group of engineers about 10 to 12 people at a medium-size multi-national company. Here, I help facilitate discussion and decision-making to ensure the team performs at their best and delivers the best result for the company.

Personal Projects